About Burly Projects

What makes Burly Projects, LLC unique?

Quite simply, it's how Lana approaches problem solving and implements solutions that work.  Lana has always been in a troubleshooting, get-things-working-better and let's-take-action kind of role.  Lana's diverse experiences exposed her to many types of problems and challenges, along with a variety of answers, from the standard textbook approach, to the innovative and unorthodox. These experiences, combined with a passion for helping people, and a never-ending ambition to learn new things, Lana finds ordinary solutions in sometimes the most unlikely places, and uses her natural coaching ability to share the discovery with others and help them customize their answer.


Credit Danielle Evans Photography.

Lana Burl founded Burly Projects, LLC in 2015 to help leaders and business owners solve problems, grow and change.  Daily operations, whether in manufacturing, service or retail, is a continuous process.  Successful growth and change are often achieved by executing unique projects.  Lana helps people execute projects to improve their business, without disrupting daily operations.

Lana is also passionate about mentoring rising leaders, strategic planning, implementing change and promoting continuous improvement.

Lana is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® and boasts proven results as a Production Manager and Manufacturing Engineer with 9+ years of experience and achievements in fast-paced, high-volume food production plants overseeing process improvement projects and plant operations.  Lana also brings over four years of experience from the power generation industry, both in equipment start-up and commissioning, and commercial support.

Learn more about Lana on LinkedIn, including her background in Chemical Engineering, as well as Nutrition.

Lana is also an avid athlete, active in triathlon and cycling, and loves to welcome new folks to endurance sports.  Check out her local Club in Knoxville, TN.